Space Micro Fic #17

Angels are strange beings. Born from pure mathematics, the subtle bending of spacetime, and a twitch of Source's thoughts, angels long to understand human thought. It is beyond them, as far as the thoughts of the desert are from the rainforest. When sent to watch humankind, an angel is first instructed to slow down their... Continue Reading →


Gabriel, Alone

Somewhere in what would later come to be called the Andromeda Galaxy, the Archangel called Gabriel floated listlessly. She was in human form, having found that their brittle grasping fingers were much better for fighting than the amalgamation of pure light and sound and love that her true form was. Her eyes, half-lidded, were dull... Continue Reading →

How Thou Art Fallen

Michael stood on the precipice of Heaven with tears running down his face and splashing on to his simple battle scarred armor. Blood oozed from several wounds decorating his face and arms, staining his white clothes a red so deep it was almost black. The sweet wind tousled his curly brown hair and ran gentle... Continue Reading →

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