Sea Micro Fic #6

The leviathan at the bottom of the sea holds the ocean on its back.

The whale mothers tell their calves the story of how the dread monster fell from the sky long ago, causing the destruction of an entire species of land walking giants. Its wings burned and sizzled as it fell to the arid ground , the feathers turning to the salty water they called home.

For eons it thrashed in the holes it created when it fell, the salt of its tears infused with life, forming the first sea folk. they nibbled on its fingers and toes, and as the leviathan began to still, they began to build homes against its body. The songs they sang and they rhythms of their lives lulled the great beat to sleep.

So it has been for millions of years. The whales keep vigilant watch at the feet of the beast, and the merpeople live between its toes.

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