Bly the Necromancer 

Bly would not say his craft was magic simply because he did not believe there was anything other than magic. He believed in chaos, and he believed in will, and he knew that mixing the two could produce interesting results. To be a necromancer, one must have an intimate knowledge of one's self. One must... Continue Reading →


Space micro fic #7

On dark nights, a saint will rise from their bed, go outside, and gaze with wonder at the moon. A breeze will caress them, a divine embrace elegantly transcribed into the realm of mere mortals. Light, far brighter than any produced in this universe, will set their eyes ablaze, and with eyes far older than... Continue Reading →

Sea micro fic #3

The kraken liked to rise from the depths of the ocean and try and count the stars. She was up to over two million, and she had only covered an eighth of the night sky. Her eyes, wide and unknowable, would search the vast panorama of cold light, finding the barest spark in the velvet... Continue Reading →

Sea micro fic #2

Whales often nursed merfolk young alongside their own children. The mer mothers would give birth, and no sooner had the midwife placed the child in her arms than the whales would come, their haunting song caught on the currents that flowed through the sea caves and catacombs the merfolk called home. The babes would wriggle... Continue Reading →

Sea micro fic #1

The people of the sea had a name for the vast ocean above the sky. They told their young stories of the sparkling schools of burning sea creatures that hid themselves behind the vast blue fin and blazing yellow eye of the mother whale that lit the arid ocean and warmed the waters of the... Continue Reading →

Space micro fic #6

She floated in the cockpit, unconscious and unaware of her impending fate. Just beyond the thick window of her spacecraft, hot matter, super heated gas and liquid rock, rushed passed in an eternal race against the strongest force in the universe. They, spacecraft and its unlucky astronaut, were caught in the innermost edge of an... Continue Reading →

Space micro fic #5

Be glad that a star has never fallen in love with you. The thought sounds romantic, doesn’t it? The thought that you, an infinitely small speck of sentient dust on a  marginally bigger rock, have somehow managed to capture the attention and affection of one of the almost infinite multitude of burning, raging balls of power endlessly spinning in the... Continue Reading →

Space micro fic #4

When Alpha Sagittarii fell from the sky, it landed quite gently on the edge of the rainforests of what would come to be known as Antarctica. It landed with a skid, scorching flora and scarring the rich soil for a mile before coming to rest on the beach. The fallen star lay quietly, simply processing... Continue Reading →

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